Native American Indian Women Costume for Sale

Celebrate Halloween this year by dressing up as a beautiful historical Native American women for your next costume party! You can pick from a wide variety of attractive styles and various sizes of Native American Indian women costumes and dresses for this coming Halloween season. Some of this year’s sexiest Indian woman costume includes the sexy Pocahontas dress which features a brown micro suede mini dress and matching beaded feather headpiece. Also, the new Sacajawea Native American Maiden dress features a beaded brown suede dress with diamond and cross design, faux leather belt, and matching headband. And scroll down to check out even more bargains on Native American woman dresses for Halloween!

Best Indian Woman Costume Ideas for 2018

Indian Maiden Adult Costume

Deluxe Pocahontas Costume

Dress up as legendary Pocahontas in this deluxe beautiful Native American dress featuring a high quality off-the-shoulder dress with fringe and beadwork, braided headband, and matching armband, belt, and beaded choker.

Women's Plus Size Classic Indian Maiden Costume

Plus Size Native American Woman Costume

This is the plus size version of the same Native Amercian dress you saw above. This is available in plus sizes 1X, 2X, or 3X.

Women's Native American Indian Costume

Women’s Native American Costume

This beautiful and affordable Native American dress will fit your budget if you need a simple outfit that looks the part. This is also available in plus size!

Plus Size Indian Woman Costume

Plus Size Indian Maiden

Plus Size Indian Dress

Plus Size Indian Warrior


Adult Sexy Pocahontas Costume Dress

Sacajawea Indian Maiden Adult Costume

Sacajawea Native American Maiden Dress

Native Princess Teen Costume

Native Princess Teen Costume

Teen Indian Princess Dress

Indian Princess Teen Costume

Cherokee Womens  Costume

Cherokee Womens Costume

Transform yourself into a beautiful Cherokee princess in this sexy tribal outfit featuring an off-the-shoulder brown dress with fur and fringe detail.

Native American Feather Headdress Woman

Feather Headdress

With this authentic looking feather headdress with beading, you will make your Native American outfit look spectacular.


You can also check out our other Indian and Thanksgiving costumes in our menu bar. Our listings update 24-7 so check back whenever you can to find brand new costume deals and bargains. Click here for our recommendations for full figure Indian woman costumes for sale.

Beautiful Indian costumes will make any Thanksgiving celebration livelier. Not only is their presence paramount in reliving the events that have happened during the colonization period, it is also their taking part in the event that makes them remarkable in the first place. Although some aspects of Thanksgiving are not remembered accurately, it is the Indian tribe that led to the beginning of a new time in America. With some battles won and others lost, colonization came to an end with the maintenance of the force that Indian reserve has provided. A major fixture in Thanksgiving celebratory themed parties include a variety of Indian costumes. The esteemed outfit that is traditional in Indian tribes is sewn and sold or personally used in these parties. Some can opt for the more conservative attire while those that have the body can slip into something sexier.

A typical Indian costume comes in hues of earth colors and a single accessory on top of the head. A headdress can be made or bought to complete the attire and some splotches of paint on the cheeks make it more believable. Children can even perform an Indian dance number to complete the ensemble and make the party swinging. Most of the Indian costumes would be too elaborate to sew, but there are different outlets that you can buy pre-made costumes from. Your entire family can dress up because Native American costumes are available for all adults, teens, children and infants at most online shops.