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Adult Ride-A-Turkey Costume

Ride-A-Turkey Costume

This year you need an outrageous and fun outfit that is sure to get attention and the party going! With this clever rider costume for adults, you will create the illusion that you are riding on a big goofy turkey! This costume set includes a plushy orange brown turkey body piece with turkey legs and a pair of blue faux jean rider legs. Make your Thanksgiving celebration hilarious and festive with this crazy outfit!.

Indian Brave Mascot Costume Halloween Sale Indian Brave Mascot Costume
If you need a high quality Indian Brave Mascot Costume, this one will be a great choice for sporting events, promotions, or Thanksgiving parades. This Native American Brave mascot costume features a light weight Indian character head, a jumpsuit, feet, and fan.

Native American Indian Chief Mascot Costume

Indian Chief Mascot Costume for Adults

This Native American Chief mascot costume makes a great school mascot or character for Thanksgiving or Early American Pilgrim events. This high quality deluxe costume features the deluxe Indian mascot Head with a feather headdress, dark brown shirt, and matching pants. The mascot head contains a built-in fan equipment and ventilation panels for easy breathing.

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Super Deluxe Turkey Mascot Costume

If you need the ultimate Turkey mascot for your business, school, sports team, or promotional event, this super deluxe Turkey mascot costume will rally all the support you need!

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Pilgrim Costumes and Indian Costumes with Thanksgiving Theme

Every year, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving to commemorate the day when the Pilgrims and the Native Americans gave thanks to God for their survival during a brutal weather condition. The celebration is originally a religious celebration and lasted for three days—although, of course, the tradition itself has spanned for centuries. Although some Native Americans (or Indians, thanks to Christopher Columbus’ geographical confusion) oppose the celebration of Thanksgiving (since they believe it only marks the start of their people’s marginalization), the fact remains. Thanksgiving is still one of the foremost holidays in America, one that encourages people to give thanks and remember their historical roots.

The very first Thanksgiving has made the clothing items of the Pilgrims and the Indians iconic. These clothing items are commonly used as costumes during Thanksgiving plays and gatherings and even Halloween—or whatever event that requires people to wear costumes. That these two clothes are so drastically different make it all the more exciting.

The Pilgrims actually refers to people who made a cultural pilgrimage to America and created a settlement at the Plymouth Plantation. These pilgrims, in particular, were from Europe and they sought after religious freedom. Contrary to what many may believe, the clothing of the pilgrims are not just black and white; since the point of the pilgrimage was religious freedom, no one outlawed the use of colorful clothing. In addition, the knowledge of the pilgrims regarding clothing and fabric construction is more advanced than the Native Americans. Because of this, the pilgrims were able to create more elaborate clothing, something they would need since they are pretty much thoroughly clothed.

Women pilgrims wore ankle-length skirts and one-piece dresses of a solid color. These clothes had long sleeves and the clothing is usually just of one color. Two-piece skirts, although rare in the Plymouth settlement, were of solid colors as well (such as black, brown, and white), although the skirt can have a different color from the bodice. Their stockings were worn under petticoats and were tied using garters.

They also wore bonnets and coifs to keep their hair tidy and clean. Aprons were common for women pilgrims, although they were used not as a typical clothing piece (only working women wore aprons). If a woman pilgrim chose to wear a straw hat, it was worn over the bonnet.

The male pilgrims also wore clothing of solid colors. However, younger male pilgrims were made to wear dresses—including the stockings. When the boy reaches seven years of age, he wore knee-length pants. Instead of petticoats, the male pilgrims used doublets instead. Their pants were tied to their doublets using laces.

Older men wore long sleeved shirts that looked like loose sweatshirts, except with buttons. They wore baggy pants (called breeches) that were folded until just below the knee using garters. The garter is then tied into a bow. Even the older male pilgrims used stockings too. The lace collars on pilgrim clothes were only used during special occasions.

When doing a pilgrim costume, take note that most of the items here are still available. Breeches, shirts, and stocking can be store bought, although there are no more existing doublets today. The best option is to use a plain black long sleeved shirt for men and create white collars and cuffs using felt. For the male pants, use tight-fitting plain black sweatpants folded just below the knee. Plain white socks can be used to replace the traditional stockings. For the female pilgrim costume, use a plain nightgown with a solid color (brown is a good color choice) and add the collar and cuffs.

The Native Americans, on the other hand, had simpler clothing pieces due to their limited knowledge of clothing manufacturing. They used animal skin as the primary material for their clothing pieces. The key here, however, is to replicate the clothing used by Wampanoag tribe, which was very minimal. Other Native American clothing pieces would not do.

Traditionally, the Wampanaog tribe wore leggings made from deerskin. However, the leggings are only used during cold weather and for formal occasions; otherwise, their legs are bare, and the only piece of clothing they have in the lower part of their body is a loincloth. Like the leggings, the traditional loincloth was made from deerskin. Women used a mantle to wrap around their body, while the men used the mantle (also made from deerskin) to wrap around their shoulders. Finally, they also used a robe (made from beaver and raccoon skin).

Jewelry is an important part of the Wampanoag apparel. The decorative jewelry was made from bones, clam shells, stones, and beads. Body paint was also worn during special occasions.

When making a Native American costume, there are only two things to take note of: the loincloth and the jewelry. Of course, the leggings can be used too, for people who may be too modest to wear anything but a deerskin loincloth. Simply get a soft deerskin cloth or any fabric that resembles it and make a loincloth out of it. To create authenticity, use a brown fabric for the loincloth and the leggings. Men can also wear the decorative jewelry to add color to the costume.

Brown pants with no zippers or buttons whatsoever can be used an alternative to the deerskin leggings and loincloth. Simply add a loincloth-like fabric and sew in at the front of the pants to make it look like a piece of Native American clothing. For women, use a brown fabric for draping around the body. Simply jewelry made from stones and beads would be appropriate for this costume.

As it is, it is impossible to authentically recreate the pilgrim and Indian clothing pieces worn during the first Thanksgiving (due to incomplete material on 1600 clothing specifics). However, the general idea of what their clothes looked like can help children and adults simulate the first Thanksgiving. After all, celebrating Thanksgiving and commemorating it using the most authentic-looking costumes possible is one way of celebrating an important American historical event.